Breweries of Brau Union Österreich AG:

Brewery Schwechat, Zipf, Puntigam, Göss, Wieselburg, Schladming, Falkenstein, Spezialitätenmanufaktur Hofbräu Kaltenhausen


Breweries of Vereinigte Kärntner Brauereien AG*:

Brewery Villach, speciality brewery Schleppe

* In this year’s report we do not report on figures or facts of these two breweries of Vereinigte Kärntner Brauereien AG.


Whether it is Zipf, Göss, Kaltenhausen, Puntigam or another, each of the Brau Union Österreich breweries is unique. Some can proudly look back over hundreds of years of brewing history, while others were founded at the height of industrialization in the 19th century and successfully withstood the tumultuous period during both World Wars.

For all of their individuality, together they strive to achieve the common goal of sustainable business operations.

“We take it upon ourselves to be responsible, for our customers as well as our suppliers, but first and foremost for the environment. We are convinced that only a sustainable strategy will allow us to move towards our goal: to make Austria the country with the best beer culture in Europe.”
Markus Liebl, Director General, Brau Union Österreich

  • In this part of the report, we would like to briefly introduce each of our breweries and provide an overview of their commitments to sustainability.
The Schwechater Brewery
The Zipfer Brewery
The Puntigamer Brewery
The Gösser Brewery – the Green Brewery
The Wieselburg Brewery
The Schladminger Brewery
The Falkenstein Brewery
Spezialitätenmanufaktur Hofbräu Kaltenhausen