A company is only as strong as its employees and Brau Union Österreich is no exception. We employ more than 2,000 people and they are the ones who brew our beer as well as advertise, sell and deliver it. We are very conscious of our responsibility to our employees. In addition to a salary, and in many cases within the framework of collective bargaining, we offer various incentives, additional training options and health programs. A centralized board of union employees along with union representatives at each brewing facility serves as employee advocates in business, social, health and cultural matters.

We strictly reject all forms of discrimination and strive to promote diversity and equal opportunity. We follow several important guidelines in our daily operations such as the “Employees and Human Rights” policy of the HEINEKEN corporation, which is based on the fundamental guidelines of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) (see

Each year we conduct a survey of our employees called the “Climate Survey”. We use it to gather feedback on employee satisfaction and identify areas in need of improvement. In 2015, 80 % of all employees participated in the survey. 88% of those surveyed were satisfied with their employer and communicated this to the public with pride.

We take the matter of alcohol consumption in the workplace very seriously. Since 2007, we have had an alcohol policy in place with rules and information, but we also offer assistance for employees with alcohol problems. Adherence to the rules is continuously monitored. Other activities such as the annual “Enjoy Responsibly Day” are also part of what we do as a company to educate our employees about responsible consumption of alcohol (see

We encourage the training and education of our employees
We guarantee occupational safety and health
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