“Our aspiration is not only to continue to successfully develop the local beer market, but also to sustainably promote and establish cider in Austria.”
Viktor Gillhofer, Director of Off-Trade

“Our goal is to constantly work on improving the quality of draft beer served in restaurants and bars in order to sustainably promote beer culture and bolster pub culture.”
Andreas Hunger, Director of On-Trade

Whether it is a restaurant or a food retailer, every one of our customers (approximately 49,000 total) can place their trust in us – to deliver the best quality products, with individualized service. Our proximity to our customers is what makes Brau Union Österreich unique. Austria is our primary market, but we are also very successful outside the country, for example the Gösser Radler, a shandy, is our leading export product.

Our job: To inspire our customers.

Customers and consumers are the primary focus at Brau Union Österreich. We foster long-term relationships based on trust. We communicate our brands in an understandable and transparent manner. Furthermore, we are known for having the most comprehensive supply network and the fastest draft dispensing technology in Austria. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by personal visits from our representatives. And we are always there for our customers: With an average of 12 deliveries per day in 2016, we were there, where we were needed. This helps us maintain the highest quality possible.

Market leader and Innovation driver

Our beer brands are as unique and diverse as the individual regions of Austria. Being a market leader means offering more than 100 beers, the right beer for each person’s preference and for every occasion. By conducting market research and drawing on our extensive experience, we identify the primary motivation behind consumer purchasing and offer the perfect beer for the ­respective occasion – either with, or increasingly without ­alcohol. As a market leader, we must also drive innovation, which is why we are constantly developing new products, providing even friendlier customer service and enhanced dispensing systems.

The Category Vision guides our work: Discover something new. Enjoy diversity. Create values.

We create a win-win situation for consumers, sales people and consumers. We take our role as leader in this category quite ­seriously. Our goal is to make the purchasing process as simple and engaging as possible for consumers. Moreover, we help our customers grow – by offering innovative products and knowledge for developing beer and cider categories as well as assessing data regarding the needs of consumers and shoppers.

Individualized Service

We are constantly monitoring developments on the market and developing new products and services, keeping us in step with the needs of our customers.

We define customer service as follows:

  • We want to make the ordering process as simple as possible for our customers. We call at a pre-arranged time and allow customers to send orders by fax or e-mail.
  • We deliver products within 24 hours, if necessary.
  • We provide a service allowing ­customers to produce custom advertising materials online.

Our draft dispensing service guides our customers from the planning stage up to professional installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Our dispensing systems are efficient and energy-saving – thanks to innovations such as CoolFlow Technology (CFT), which minimizes dispensing losses while saving CO2. 

We also approach all events with environmental and social responsibility, for instance, by using reusable cups at events spanning multiple days. For the fourth time, the Zipfer brand organized another successful initiative to collect and recycle cans at the FM4 Frequency Festival in 2016.

Best Practice

We crown restaurateurs 

We teamed up with the gourmet restaurant guide Gault & Millau to recognize restaurateurs with the “Bierkrone” (beer crown). Every year, one restaurateur is chosen to receive Austria’s most prominent beer award for their exceptional dedication in promoting beer culture and for offering typical Austrian cuisine.

Specialty products and trends

With our craft beers (e.g. Hofbräu Kaltenhausen), ­regional specialty beers (e.g. Puntigamer Frei Radler, Puntigamer Zwei Radler, Reininghaus Jahrgangspils, Zipfer Meisterwerke Pale Ale and Pils) as well as ­domestic specialty beers (e.g. Gösser Brauschätze Helles and Dunkles Stifts-Zwickl), we offer a broad ­selection of innovative products. Sales of non-alcoholic beers and shandys continue to increase and our cider is enjoying strong popularity. 

New draft dispensing system

Brau Union Österreich has developed a new high-end dispensing system, the Z1 Unlimited. It combines filling, dosing and POS systems all in one package. The new CoolFlow Technology dispensing system consistently delivers excellent beer quality over a longer time – yet requires less maintenance with greater energy efficiency. The first draft beer of the day is perfectly dispensed.

Increase in the proportion of returnable containers

Driven by volumes of beer distributed in tanker trucks and kegs, the percentage of returnable containers exceeded 90% for the gastronomy segment in 2016.

Outlook for 2017

We will continue to optimize our customer service center so that we can better serve our customers. We are also placing a renewed focus on ensuring sustainability, especially with regard to our event advertising materials. Our projects “Category Leadership” and “Category Vision” will continue through 2017 – with a ­stronger emphasis on these areas: Consumers, Shoppers and Customers. The new draft system “BLADE” should make it possible to dispense with air pressure, without requiring any CO2. In addition, the BLADE kegs (Easy KEG) are recyclable. Furthermore, we want to strengthen the ­position of cider in the Austrian market and direct our innovations towards reduced-alcohol and non-alcoholic products.